Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John Glick Family Singers

The Glick Family Singers is a Mennonite Family from the State of Ohio that Travels All Over USA. and into Canada Singing and Preaching The Gospel in Prisons, Jails, Etc. and They were Coming into Our Area this Past Weekend to Sing at the New Berlin Youth Center. They Were about 30 Miles from here and The Transmission went out. Now we don't normally work on Buses, But Since My Boss knows this group and they where only 30 Miles from here and we couldn't find a Local garage to do the Job the Boss Decided we Could Replace the Transmission for them, However I said all that to say this If you would feel Led to Donate Toward this Repair for the Glick Family Feel Free to go to http://www.paypal.com/ and send the Donation to lraytrk@aol.com and I will make Sure the Money goes toward there Bill. Currently the Bill is up to all but $ 7,500.00 and even at that my boss is just passing the Cost On with out adding any Commission to Most of the Parts and Some of the Employees are Donating Some of the Labor toward this. You Can Also Donate Credit / Debit Card By Calling us at 570-966-7312 Ask for Lewis Ray or you can Also Donate by Mail Make Donated Payment Payable to; East West Drilling Inc. 157 Buffalo Creek Road Mifflinburg, PA. 17844 Thank You For Your Kindness!!! And for those of You who Donate Towards this!!! Also Be Sure to Mark Payment MEMO; Glick Bus Repair.

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